Saturday, May 1, 2010

Movie: First Look At Thor!

What a surprise! Here is the first look at Marvel's next Avenger Thor, played by Aussie Chris Hemsworth. Who would've thought we'll get to see him early? I love it. Chris looks bad ass!! You might be wondering whether Hemsworth has the right bulk as Thor, and after seeing him on set of his new movie Red Dawn, the remake, I don't how much more bulk he could put on, because he was huge!

Even thought there isn't much to see, I love everything that is shown. The hair, check, the beard, check, the suit, check, the bulk, check and the hammer, check. We'll now have to look forward to seeing the helmet and the portrayal of the ancient superhero. But the whole look is awesome

Thor's off to a good start and I hope that this star studded cast including Sir Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba and Natalie Portman, will not disappoint. The movie is set to be released May 20 2011 and will be directed by Kenneth Branagh.

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