Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Movie: Spider-Man 4 Cancelled, Reboot in 2012!

Now this is a shocker. After a week of hell between Spider-Man director Sam Raimi and Sony, the studio decided to end the current franchise and reboot for a 2012 release.

After some serious delays, Raimi wanted out after refusing to make a movie he's not comfortable with, same situation he had with Spider-Man 3. So Raimi I reckon ended up not wanting to do the sequel, followed by Tobey Maguire who wouldn't do it without Raimi. That sux big time because I loved the franchise. I also loved Spider-Man 3. I do not know why everyone seems to hate it. If it made nearly $900m at the box office, then there's some serious liars out there conforming to what the critics say and not just admit that they at least liked it, the idiots.

So no Raimi and no Maguire, how is anyone going to top the original? If they're going to reboot the movie, how bout in a few years time, and focus on rebooting the crap as Fantastic Four movies?
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