Friday, April 16, 2010

Music: Snippets of The Adventures of Bobby Ray

B.o.B's first mixtape was “Who The F*** is B.o.B” and then “B.o.B vs Bobby Ray” These both have solid tracks. Along with the EP’s he released, he could have easily made an album. But due to some label issues from what I’ve heard, he never got the chance.
His first single from the album was Nothin on You with Bruno Mars. (Bruno did an amazing hook. And I have no doubt that we will be hearing him on some more tracks very soon) It was thanks to this single that the album got pushed up. Then came Don’t Let Me Fall. This showed his diversity going from singing to rapping, both done flawlessly. Finally a few nights ago I heard Airplanes with Hayley Williams, the lead singer from Paramore. Which is an Awesome track. NOW can't wait for Airplanes II featuring Eminem.

The Adventure of Bobby Ray releases on the 27th of April.

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  1. hanging for that Lupe Fiasco track!!