Thursday, April 22, 2010

B.o.B Scores Number One On The Billboard Hot 100!

One of the up and coming stars B.o.B, has finally took reigning Queen Rihanna off the Number 1 slot on the Billboard Top 100 charts with the song "Nothin' On You" featuring Bruno Mars.

Will he be a one hit wonder or hit maker? Time will tell, with the release of his debut album The Adventures of Bobby Ray, this will determine whether he will be either one. But it does seem he will be the latter, with the release of his second single "Airplanes", featuring Paramore's Hayley Williams, debuting on the same charts at Number 12.

He can rap, he can sing, and sing well that is, unlike 50 Cent, I scringe everytime I hear him sing. I don't know if 'scringe' is a word, but if you hear Fitty sing, you don't know what word to describe it, so you make up your own. Anyway check out B.o.B, he will be one of the few rappers that can take you back to the golden age of Hip-Hop, and I hope to gosh revive it.

The Adventures Of Bobby Ray hits stores April 27th.

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