Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Game: Here's A Look At "Madden 11"

Here is a new video focusing on the new Madden game, where it shows the changes that have been made to the game. The only sad thing about the game is that there will be no commentary from John Madden. But there are more things that make up for the game, and check here at G4TV, where they give their first look at the game.

From G4TV:
"The first thing I noticed about Madden NFL 11 was that it took me inside the game of football in a way that no other Madden has since the classic 2005 game, when the Hitstick combined with the Playmaker tool for a football nerd’s game nirvana. As the game begins, you’ll see the quarterback stoically leading your team off the bus and into an imposing stadium. And, yeah, they’re dressed in suits. “It’s the first time ever in any game that an NFL player has worn a suit,” adds Young. But they have their game faces on.

That cut-scene leads into wide angle, pre-game view where you ogle a stadium that’s not full of fans but, as you watch, will be filled by game time. Showing a stadium in various stages of attendance is just a tweak. It’s also further evidence that EA is serious about revamping the game to make it more like the genuine event."

Oh and if you're wondering who the cover athlete is, it's obviously Superbowl MVP 2009 for the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees.

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